ASHTANGA YOGA INTENSIVE Patterns in the Practice - Ashtanga for Life with Fiona Stang

We are counting down the days till we get to host the wonderful Fiona Stang from Ashtanga Yoga Vancouver! Don't miss out on studying with one of the very best!

Fiona meets each and every student where they are on and off the mat and teaches Ashtanga yoga as a practice for LIFE!

Below is a note from Fiona directly...

We hope you join us for what is going to be an amazing week!


Happy Fall.

Just wanted to let you know that I will be at the Yoga Shala Calgary from November 3-8 for a week long, 40 hour, intensive. I am really excited about this course!

The morning will be a traditional Mysore practice where I offer individualized one-on-one attention to your practice. The afternoon sessions are broken into workshop components where we focus on: mulabandha and the foundations of ashtanga, hips, backbending, Marichasanas, Closing postures, Vinyasa count, drishti and yoga therapy. Each afternoon session will also include chanting and sitting practice.

This workshop is my offering to the community and feels like a perfect opportunity to share how Ashtanga yoga as a practice for life. This workshop is for anyone inspired by this amazing practice.

I invite you to share what I have learned in my practice and teachings for the past 20 years.

Hope to see you in November. For details and registration please contact the Yoga Shala Calgary

Fiona Stang

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