Summer Practice

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” ― John Lubbock, The Use Of Life


Camping, vacation, long summer evenings, bbqs with family and friends, hiking, biking, swimming. YES! School is out and summer has hit! But wait... what about our yoga practice? Sometimes it can be hard to committ to your daily yoga practice but here are some words of advice to keep your practice up during the summer months!

Keeping Your Yoga Practice Strong During The Summer Months

Bert Wyatt

"For many yogis’ Summer represents the busiest time of the year. There are so many choices for our time. Hiking, trips to the coast or lake, biking, and our outdoor home and yard maintenance, just to name a few. Then there is the issue of hotter weather. If you spend much time in it you may feel some of the drain on your energy and a hesitation to take on another physical activity.

For me, it helps to keep a few things in mind. First off, I try to reflect on what drew me to yoga in the first place. Am I making progress? Do I want to keep those gains? Next, I remind myself that all the other things that I do are made easier and more enjoyable through maintaining my yoga practice. Regardless if it is the physical gains in flexibility and strength, having a calmer mind, or using my breath they all come into play in the things that I do off the mat. If that is not enough, try thinking about the parallels between your yoga journey and your journey through life. Each time we make it to the mat we learn a little more about self-discipline. From time to time life offers up a challenge that requires self-discipline. It is nice to know that we have that reserve in our emotional bank."

Start A Good Morning With Yoga To Keep You Stretched Out

"Yoga is a great way to keep those muscles loose and moving this summer. We become just a little more active in the summer whether we're running to the beach, playing in the water, or dancing the night away. Some of us trade our cars for bikes as well.

Having a regular yoga session can keep you stretched out so you can get the most advantage out of your summer activities. It doesn't need to be long; even a 15-minute morning stretch can help you keep up."

Remember That Having A Summer Yoga Practice Will Make It Easier To Ease Back Into A Fall Routine

"It's a total bummer when summer ends, although we do also look forward to a new season and getting back on a routine. If you keep up with your practice this summer, it won't be as difficult to jump back in once the leaves start to fall.

Be kind to your body, as you may take some time off this summer, but don't lose yoga altogether. Stay up to date with what's going on in your studios and don't miss a great new workshop once fall hits!"

Ashtanga Yoga 40 Hour Immersion with Fiona Stang

November 3 - 8, 2019

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An Ayurvedic Approach To Inner-Body Balance

Nichole Golden

As the seasons shift, our bodies cycle through an organic ebb and flow of change that serves to harmonize and create balance within us. These changes are usually influenced by the seasons themselves: hours of daylight, foods that are abundant at particular times of the year, weather patterns, and seasonally inspired activities.

Although your body will adjust to these changes naturally, it never hurts to integrate some simple tweaks into your routine to aid in the transition and link yourself more intimately with the season that is upon you.

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