Tuesdays... No New Postures

Ever wonder why we do not give out new postures to students on Tuesdays?

The short and sweet of it is...

There is quite a bit of astrology coming from the ashtanga roots. Tuesday is known as the 'God of War' making it not a good day to start new endeavours. This was a day to continue the same. The Jois family would not give out new poses, travel and nor would Guruji shave on Tuesdays.

We also try to honour the moon days in the same manner. Because we do not practice Mysore on moon days, the day before moon days we tend not to give out new poses. The reason for this is that it is said there is too much build up pre moon and these days are considered auspicious days, again all based on astrology. *This information came from from Fiona Stang's earlier Mysore years.

According to Tim Miller...

"Regarding Tuesdays, Guruji used to say, “Tuesday is a bad day.” When I asked him why he replied, “Some fighting.” In Vedic astrology, Tuesday is associated with the planet Mars. Of the planets, Mars is known as the “lesser malefic”—Saturn being the “greater malefic.” In Roman mythology Mars is the God of War--one of its primary associations has been with conflict, and accidents as well. Guruji would never shave on Tuesday because of this association of Mars with accidents, particularly accidents involving the head, since Mars rules the sign Aries, which is linked to the head. In Mysore, Guruji never gave anyone a new pose on a Tuesday, because of this potential for accidents."

Is Mars getting a bad rap here?

Read Tim Miller's full article...

Yes sometimes we might forget but we try our best to remember 😉

Hope you all find time to chill out and enjoy the weekend ❤️ We will see you all Monday morning!

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