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The OTHER EVEREST by David Irvine

I just received my copy of David's latest book 'The Other Everest... Navigating the Pathway to Authentic Leadership' and already I cannot put it down. David's work has resonated with so many, me included and I feel so blessed to call him my friend. There is so much I can quote from this book but rather than doing so I am going to highly recommend you get yourself a copy!

Let me share with you some of David's words describing his latest and greatest!

Are you ready to take the journey?

"After more than thirty years of experience and research in the leadership development field, I have come to the conclusion that the world is in need of leaders who are committed to substance over superficial, character over charisma, and service over self-interest. In short, we need leaders who are authentic - people whose inner compass guides their daily actions and who inspire trust by being honest and real.

To come to this place of impact and influence requires slowing down, going inside, and developing a relationship with an interior self. It's about finding one's voice - away from the voices of the world. To attain the capacity to influence in today's changing and demanding world, along with the depth to lead with a strong authentic presence requires an inner journey, a journey to one's heart, a journey to what I call the "Other Everest."

- David Irvine

"The Other Everest is a book designed as a resource you can come back to time and again for inspiration and ideas. The sheer volume of information and tips it contains cannot be fully digested and applied all at once, and that is not the intention. Everyone creates and takes their own pathway to authentic leadership. Use the knowledge in The Other Everest as a source of support and replenishment that you can draw upon over time at your own pace. Getting started can be as simple as taking one or two concepts from the book that resonate with you and building time into your life to reflect and let them help shape your journey."

- David Irvine

If you are ready to shape your journey and be inspired through David's book please send me a message and I will be happy to order you a copy! ❤️🙏

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