Summer Begins...

"Practicing yoga on a daily basis opens the channels of prana (life force), and encourages a deeper relationship between mind and body."

"Even if you can’t have a set routine for your entire day, try creating a morning, afternoon, or evening routine for yourself to allow your mind to have some time to rest."

Dr. Jayagopal Parla

Lets be honest shall we... It is a crazy time for many, busy wrapping up school concerts and end of year stuff! So I thought it was a good time to remind you that it is not how much you do but rather what you do. Your practice is not represented on what is only performed on the mat. Remember this practice is 24/7 and we need to let go of the feelings we manifest within us for not doing what we think is a 'full practice'!

There are times I pause and slowly look around the room. To some they might only see the bodies that are in the room moving on their mats but what I see are not only those in the room but those who are absent because they are volunteering at their kids school, or ones who are home cuddling their sick children (4 legged ones included), ones whose bodies are mending from surgeries and illnesses, ones who are tired and stiff from long travels and ones that are completely physically and emotionally drained from preparing heavy workloads, summer time events, family fun, etc. - I GET IT!

So please STOP putting the 'practice guilt' on yourselves! Instead I want to tell you that I applaud you for taking the time to share and cuddle with your kids (they really do grow up fast!), I applaud you for listening to your body and respecting the time it needs, I applaud you for taking it slow as you move through a modified practice to release the body after your travels, etc. and I APPLAUD you for taking rest when you sights are short and you are exhausted. This is the practice, this is your practice! The real work is showing up on your mat and doing what the practice is for you today. I was reminded yesterday of something very important...

"Remember that you want to surround yourself in people that you love and care for and that resonate with your core values and make you a better person, a better teacher. That’s your tribe."

So to you all Thank You! Through your daily commitments on and off your mats you continue to teach me the practice of yoga.

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