Caring too Much

One of the biggest challenges for women can be caring too much about what others think. We are hard wired for connection, and it is healthy to consider the feedback of those around us. Sometimes, the struggle becomes not being able to hold onto our worthiness in the face of feedback or criticism.

We have to weigh very carefully what other people tell us about ourselves against our own beliefs and knowledge about ourselves. Most often what other people say and think is a reflection of their truth or a projection of themselves. It takes strength and courage to be able to hear someone fully without becoming defensive or triggered. It takes practise to be able to stay open to negative feedback without accepting all of it as truth. We must learn to discern between what someone is saying, what the situation is and what the true is for us.

The challenge this week is to be willing to be open to feedback, without accepting it as truth. This can be an extraordinary act of self-love, to remain connected to yourself despite what someone else may think.

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