It’s Ok to not be perfect….

I know we all say this, but how many of us really give ourselves the space and permission to not be perfect? How many of us expect ourselves to eat right, exercise, be present for our families, volunteer, work and keep it all together all of the time? How many of us expect ourselves to succeed every time we try something new? I don’t care if it is a handstand, a new business, or a new healthier way of dealing with an emotional trigger, I hope you know I am routing for you. If you are brave enough to try something you can’t do or something you have never done, I am cheering you on. And, I hope that you learn to celebrate your attempts as well. All of them, even the ones that didn’t land you perfectly balanced where you wanted to be. I am not judging your success by the outcome; I am not judging you at all. I am here to support you as you learn the different techniques, tips and tricks you will need to succeed, and to support you as you risk falling and failure and yet choose to bravely try again. I am here to watch you face the adversity and the uncertainty of things not working out as you wish, when you wish. Whether it is your 1st attempt or you 10,000th, remember failure is not falling down, failure is refusing to try again. You will miss all of the opportunities you don't take. My wish for all of us, to be brave enough to try just one more time....

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