Choices, Choices, Choices

6 weeks since January 1st! Congratulations if you are still committed to making changes for your life. For those of us who are still working towards our goal or goals, you have probably have encountered a set back or hit a road block by now. Set-backs are a normal part of the process. Change and success often don’t come in the linear process that most of us fantasize about. If we can accept that change is not going to be easy or instant, we can stay engaged with the process when what we desire doesn’t appear as fast as we would like. Consider an obstacle that has that you have faced thus far. When the obstacle appeared, what did you do? Did you do what you usually do? Did you choose something new? Did you consider your options? Sometimes the most important choices we have to make have to be made in the most difficult moments. What choices did you make when the going got tough? What was the result? What will you choose next time?

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