Commitment, Recommitment, Choices and Decisions

Ahh, the first week of February. How many of us are as committed to our goals as we were at the start of last month? Remember the strong desire and motivation that most of us felt in January? For myself, I know so much has happened since January 1st that if I don’t pause, reflect and recommit weekly, I can barely remember what I committed too in January. Anyone with me? Life is busy and change never seems to happen as quickly or as swiftly as we desire. That is why we must anchor ourselves to the process, not the end result. Can remember WHY you desired the change you committed too in January? What was so important about your why? Only you can answer this question for yourself. I like to use the beginning of the month to refresh my commitment to my goals and to identify what I can continue to do to move forward. What three steps towards your goal are you going to take this month? Write them down, put the action steps in your calendar and don’t forget to celebrate every step you take in the right direction.

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