Instead of Counting Calories, Focus on New Habits

Most of us have a long history of restricting certain foods to get immediate weight loss results. Remember the fat free fad? How about the zero carb diets? Gluten free anyone? Before starting another new eating plan or program, I invite you to consider whether or not it is possible to eat like this for the long term. Is it balanced? Is it healthy? Is it realistic? If not, you need a different solution. Small, sustainable changes to your eating habits will always produce better long term results than extreme short term interventions. Instead of tracking your calories, I ask my clients to start celebrating small changes in behaviour that are steering them towards their goals. The changes may be more gradual, but they are lasting.

My Top three healthy eating habits that create lasting results:

  1. The habit of planning your meals weekly. It is so important to plan balanced meals and to have the groceries you will need to prepare your meals available when you need them.

  2. The habit of listening to your body and eating until no longer hungry. There is a big difference between no longer hungry and full, or over full. If you are too uncomfortable to take a fast walk after dinner, you have eaten too much.

  3. The habit of enjoying the food you are eating. If you don’t love the food you are eating you will never stick with it for the long term. Find healthy alternatives that you love, or make small changes to existing recipes to make them more balanced.

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