Practice Guidelines:

The Mysore program is built upon a strong foundation of trust between the teacher and student. 

  • Please check yourself in upon arrival by signing the daily “Sign-in Sheet” each time you come to practice. 

  • A hot shower before practice helps to increase flexibility and mental focus.

  • Dress in comfortable and modest clothes, being respectful of others and the studio.

  • Please keep the floors clear of anything but your mat and towel. 

  • It’s best to practice on an empty stomach.

  • Please ensure your mat & clothing are fresh & clean.

  • Please refrain from wearing scented deodorants or perfumes.

  • Let us know about any medical conditions/injuries.

  • If you have a fever, stay home and rest!

  • If you have a cold or contagious, stay home and practice what you can.

  • Ladies are advised to rest from practice for the first three days of their menstrual cycle.

  • Do not ask for postures. Postures are given as/when deemed appropriate by the teacher.

  • Please maintain silence during and after practice, being mindful of others who are practicing around you. Our vision is to build a sacred space for practice and community! Conferences/social gatherings will take place from time to time, giving students an opportunity to engage and socialize with other members of the Calgary Mysore, Ashtanga Yoga (CMAY) community.

Frequently Asked Questions:

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